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  • Will Huang, MD

Should I get vaccinated for COVID?

Having seen by now many cases of COVID-19 in the hospital, I can say this without a doubt: Unless you live in absolute, complete seclusion for the remainder of your life, you will one day contract COVID-19.

Asymptomatic carriage is VERY common, and may occur in three ways, 1. pre-symptomatic, up to 2 weeks, 2. asymptomatic infection, as in 40-45% of the cases, or 3. asymptomatic carriage, of undetermined duration. So far, I've personally seen several cases of asymptomatic carriage, COVID-19 PCR positive suggestive of ongoing viral shedding over months, and yet antibody negative. This third group will serve as a constant reservoir of COVID-19, ready to infect anyone who is susceptible.

When you become infected, you may turn out okay, but DO NOT COUNT ON IT. Even if you survive, long term consequences, particularly permanent lung damage is not uncommon. Say if you do get lucky, and went through a bout of infection without symptoms, how long natural immunity can protect you is at this time unknown.

Obviously whether or not to get vaccinated is a personal choice. We do not yet know whether a vaccine will protect you against mutated strains, or for how long, and the risks of these newly developed vaccines are not yet completely known, but should you do all you can to minimize the risk for you AND your loved ones? ABSOLUTELY YES.

Personal disclosure: I've gotten my 1st of 2 doses, and so far so good!

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