Do have I have the coronavirus infection? How NOT to catch coronavirus.

People commonly believe that catching COVID-19 is like catching the flu. It is not. As my previous post and NIH's Dr. Fauci indicated, COVID-19 is roughly 10 x more deadly. So how do you tell whether you have COVID-19 as opposed to the flu or other viral respiratory infections, such as the common cold? According to the most recent published data, far and away, the most common symptoms are fever and cough, followed muscle aches, fatigue, and phlegm production. Runny nose or na

Coronavirus in Orange County, CA ??!

Many have asked me about the current coronavirus (COVID-19) scare. No doubt it's scary given report of more and more people around the world getting infected and dying from the infection. Fortunately, best we know at this time, despite our large Asian population, there is NO evidence of any person-to-person transmission in Orange County, yet. Public Health has been aggressive in identifying persons who have been potentially exposed and imposing quarantine on those folks. What